For 50 years I never really payed attention to baseball, or any other sport. I tried to play some golf. Took a shot at volleyball. But I was never one to play or watch organized sports. Growing up in the country will do that to you. Having a father that never played sports will do that to you. our sport was pitching bales of hay or shovelling a tonne of manure. Our sport was milking cows, fishing, shooting groundhogs or knocking birds off of telephone wires at sunset with home made slingshots loaded with hand-picked pebbles. But this year baseball is on my radar. I find myself listening to games on my phone – even getting to a few. It makes me anxious. I am starting to take an interest in different players and different teams. I watch the standings and highlights. I am buying hats and jackets. Why now? Why baseball? We harvest interests some of us. I wonder if my new found interest in baseball is just a compiled group of coincidences or if I was drawn to it for a specific need. Who knows. I know that I have a tendency to be fickle. Am I just a typical wagon-jumper this season because the BlueJays are having a relatively un-embarrassing year? No somethings different this time. I am drawn to the cathartic and hypnotic tone of it. The low hush of the crowd. The electric glow of the field. The long camera shots and drawl of the announcers. Tension builds slowly, bursts and disappears in flashes of refined athletic ability or devastating error. Baseball is on a lot. They play a lot of games. There is always lots of baseball news and to be honest I know shit about baseball. But that is ok right? I don’t plan on being some kind of RBI statistics savant and I am surely not interested in playing the baseball knowledge one-up game. I just want to watch it and learn on my own. America does a few things right and one of those things is baseball. It is really one of the very few times that I wished I was either an ex patriot or full blown yank. And why is it that American baseball stadium food is the pinnacle of gourmet junk food while Canadian stadium food tastes like cardboard with condiments?

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