Meat. Please.

Sitting in an eating establishment called Tanaka Asinaga. Just got two large droplets of gravy on my grey cardigan.
We’ve been eating lots of meat.


Here we have something called “humberg set” you can see the gravy in the white bowl… It’s the one on my sweater now. A big ground beef patty in gravy with soft egg, rice, and pickles…
Earlier today it was beef croquettes with shredded cabbage potato salad and pickles.


Above we have our appetizer… One each… Daniela told me not to order her one, I did anyway and she ate it in three minutes.
We cycled all day… Very tired. Early train to Tokyo tomorrow. I’ll type on the train. Takayama is a perfect cycle town. There are even bike parking lots here.  We rented two bikes for five hours for 21 dollars all in and Daniela got free face cream. More soon we need to get out of the resto and head to the train station and find out when we can head back to Tokyo…. Hotspring footbath before bed.

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