What is Critical Awareness?


Critical awareness is one’s ability to properly acquire data to be processed using critical thinking. Reasoning without awareness can lead to blind spots in one’s ability to reason properly which leads to fallacies in one’s understandings.

Critical awareness is how one observes and absorbs experiences.

Why be aware?

  • if one is unaware, one is not experiencing all that one can, therefore, one will not resolve problems as effectively as one were aware
  • learning includes absorbing information, data, in life and one does that via awareness
  • not being aware, living in the now, limits one’s ability to collect the immense amount of data available before one
  • data is vital in understanding one’s self and the world around one
  • data is used by the mind, utilizing critical thinking, to help better serve one’s life, beliefs, to better solve problems, and to better function in this world



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